Collecture Launch Party

launch party photos by Peter Kobak

launch party photos by Peter Kobak

On Saturday we launched our premier collection, in collaboration with Alexander Martin, on a Peoria riverfront rooftop with a rich local art history and it was the best evening. The space was filled with old friends and new, clinking glasses in celebration of art, creative collaborations, and hustle.

Art Party Location:

Murray Place


Thanks to a fellow lady entrepreneur and her team at Eli's, we had mouth watering (and on-brand) dessert bites to compliment the fridge full of bubbles.

Art Party Bites:

Rose & Champagne Macarons
Raspberry Almond Bars
Sugar Cookie Tartlets


Alexander's artwork was on view, and Collecture pillows and fabric were placed around the venue with their corresponding original pieces of art. An opportunity to show the process from the initial piece of art to the final roll of fabric was one of the best parts of the night – objects with stories always make a product that much better, don't you think?

collecture launch party alexander art

Needless to say, I have a lot of thank you notes to write today; so many people have had a hand in bringing this fabric to life and I am incredibly grateful for their help. Alexander and I can hardly wait to see how you make his artwork yours!

collecture launch party alexander art 2
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