Our premier collection has launched and is now available, made to order with so much love. Everything is better with a story, right? Here's our collaborating artist Alex's:

Questions about masculinity, femininity, sexuality, and the stereotypes and stigmas associated with them are what drives the creation of my work.  The pieces for Collecture are a continuation of work I did during a residency at T.H.I.Studios in London.  I went to research queer and black identity in the U.K. and became fixated on the architecture and flora.  Unlike in my home in the states, almost everything was made from brick.  I was also there in spring so flowers were in bloom everywhere.  This parallel of a rigid building material with soft bright colors surrounding it stuck out in my mind and was a parallel to some of my earlier work, pairing softness with rigidity. My most recent body of work reflects that contrast of brick and floral I witnessed there while exploring ideas of softness and femininity in a society that does not always embrace these facets of ones identity.

– Alexander Martin

collecture fabric textile pillow
collecture fabric textile duvet

The Alexander Martin Collection is designed in Peoria and made in Pennsylvania using 100% linen, which we like to call heirloom fabric. Alexander's artwork has been turned into a functional, limited edition print that we hope your kids fight over.

Add a pillow to your space or get creative with our fabric by the yard – we can't wait to see what you come up with!

collecture fabric textile swatches
collecture fabric textile alexander martin collection