Artist Interview / Andy Sloan Jackson

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Describe Your Work in three words.

Psychedelic Gifts Galore / TVs in Dreams /  Psychedelic Nesting Dolls / Nostalgia on Acid / Nostalgia on DRUGZ / CONTROL CENTER CENTER

Who or what has most influenced your practice?

My practice has changed a crap ton over the years.  I got super back into making work while finishing my BFA in 2005 and at the time I was heavily influenced and interested in ceramics.  I also worked a lot with textiles at the time and incorporating both.  In grad school I embraced a plethora of different materials and began working in video.  I love TV and grew up watching tons of it so the influence of billions of hours of shows lodged in my brain began to manifest.  I've also been interested in toys and brands and the artificial worlds they encompass all my life, particularly Japanese stationery and gifts so I embraced this somewhat in school and now much more so that I founded my own gift brand.  

What part of your process is most exciting to you?

 I think I get the most excited about working in my sketchbook, capturing the spark of a new idea and the immediacy of pen on paper.  This is the most important and accessible tool for any artist and I try to spend an hour or so with my sketchbook and some coffee every morning if I'm not working and sometimes before work begins.  

Other than the genre in which you work, what other types of art do you enjoy?

I really love movies.

What is the art community like in Atlanta?

The art community in Atlanta is a bit hard to nail down.  The city is a lot bigger than you realize and getting more and more difficult to navigate with traffic.  I think this causes things to be a bit fragmented at times, and makes it difficult to enjoy the projects people are working on all over the city.  Our biggest challenge is not having a devoted art district with a devoted museums, galleries, shops, and artist resources.  Attempts to create an arts district haven't gone far in the past but the city is full of very talented people and incredibly driven and passionate art administrators who devote countless hours to artist opportunities.

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What would be in your ideal art collection?

My ideal art collection would contain a giant felted face on the wall by Paolo Del Toro.  His work is utterly incredible and I love collecting faces.

What has been your favorite new discovery of 2017?

Photo styling.

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