Design Matters with Jonathan Alder

My favorite types of audio while running are podcasts and books. They help keep my pace steadier than a mix of beats, and I feel good about exercising my mind and body at the same time. Recently, I listened to Debbie Millman interview Jonathan Adler - if you're new to design podcasts, Debbie Millman is your girl. Her podcast Design Matters is the OG of design podcasts. Jonathan said a few things that I felt compelled to share as we roll-out our new brand; he was speaking to the Collecture soul (or in his words, tingling my chakras).


If your heirs won't fight over it, we won't make it.


Every room has an anchor and a star. A classic and timeless room should have a sparkle of zhush.

We believe in the three Ls: Layer, Layer, Layer

Brand is a construct, and a result of sound, strategic positioning. Branding can be very antithetical to creativity.

I don't think anybody could make it as anything unless they are willing to be exhausted most of the time. The one resource you have is yourself. Resilience is everything.

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