My Style: Modern French Art Deco


I have a hard time putting a name to my style when asked about my personal design tastes. There are so many elements to it - new, old, masculine with feminine undertones, bold neutrals, tonal textures. But I've landed on a way to wrap it all up:

Modern French Art Deco


The room Emily Henderson designed for Sotheby's International Realty (shown above) is me. Every inch of this room has something that gets my designer brain excited. Spaces of this style are timelessly designed with bits of boldness in everyday objects - like lamps - and artwork. Here's another corner in the same space:

Parisians have traditionally been an authority on luxury goods and a preeminence in the design field. Works epitomized by Art Deco were first shown in 1925 at the International Exhibition of Modern and Industrial Decorative Arts in Paris. There was one requirement for inclusion at the exhibition; all work had to be thoroughly modern, with no copying of historical styles.

Art Deco roots itself in traditions of the past, with inherently fresh nods to modernist influences. I am Art Deco. Let's break down the Modern French Art Deco style:


furniture with exaggerated curved lines but simple forms


geometric black and white accents


modern art with architectural salvage pieces


sculptural lighting


lux fabrics and textural accents


wall and ceiling moulding


floor to ceiling curtains