Artist Interview / Allison Walsh

allison walsh artist

Talk about the genres of art in which you work.

I work in paint, video, and documentary. I like working with these mediums to communicate different things in different venues (galleries, film screenings, online).

Describe your paintings in three words.

Fleshy, bold, athletic

What is your creation process with film?

My films and paintings often begin from a strong experience of sensation. If a story, person, event, or moment moves me in a certain way I crave to be around it and express it further. In all of my artwork, what makes me unique is what I pay attention to.

allison walsh artist video documentary

When was the first time a work of art affected you?

I went to Barcelona in high school on a foreign exchange trip and was captivated by La Sagrada Familia, the church by Antoní Gaudí. I was not an artist at the time, but I remember my impression of the church. What made it really special was when I returned to the church four years later for an art and philosophy study abroad class, after deciding to be an artist, and I had a much stronger experience in the space. I felt colored light in the most profound way and the construction of the church sounded like a John Cage piece. The longer I’ve been an artist, the more I become affected by works of art.

Describe an event or person that changed your life.

My World Religions teacher, John Camardella, has made a significant impact on my life. I took World Religions as a senior in high school, the same year I stopped taking art classes. In this class I learned how to embrace things I didn’t understand and get excited about new experiences. I discovered a passion for learning which ended up driving me back to be an artist a few years later.

allison walsh artist

What would be in your ideal art collection?

There is a piece by Daniel Moor, an artist in Asheville, that I love called The Dining Room. Anything by Kerry James Marshall or Jenny Saville would make my heart melt if I could see it every day.

What was your favorite new thing to discover in 2017?

2017 was an exciting year of collaboration. I have always been on sports teams growing up and I like team dynamics, but I never saw teamwork as part of my art making process until this past year. In 2017 I collaborated on paintings, films, exhibitions, and now textiles. I like how collaboration takes the ego out of art making. It allows the piece to become an entity in itself rather than a representation of an individual.

allison walsh artist universe in balance