Handmade Frame with Swatch Art


One of the gifts we gave during the holiday season sparked a new way of giving for our family Christmas in 2018: instead of everyone buying for everyone, each person is challenged to make a gift for one other family member.

Here's a peek at what we gave this year and how the conversation began:

collecture swatch frame

I enlisted the help of my brother-in-law, who built a handful of frames in his wood shop. In an effort to be less wasteful, we used things we already had. The wood came from an old futon!

VSCO Cam-1.jpg
VSCO Cam-2.jpg
frame stack.jpg

Once the frames were built, my sister and our husbands spent a Sunday on an assembly line – sanding, staining, adding hardware, cutting glass, realizing we should just let the hardware store cut the glass, and preparing the swatches. And drinking mimosas.

mimosa work day

The fabric was matted, a quick photoshoot took place, and the gifts were wrapped!

I think it turned out to be a beautiful gift for the people who have been endlessly supportive of this endeavor, and something handmade by their children/grandchildren/cousins that I hope will live on walls as jollifiers, lifting moods whenever they pass-by.

Collecture swatch frame
collecture swatch frame woodwork