Warhol: Flowers in the Garden


We found ourselves at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens this past weekend, on opening day of Warhol: Flowers in the Garden. The exhibit spans 15 acres and was curated by Carol Ockman, Ph.D, curator-at-large of the gardens and the Robert Sterling Clark Professor of Art History at Williams College.

Despite the subject of flowers, Andy Warhol's pop art seems like it would feel misplaced in a botanical garden, but I found just the opposite. The modern art sprinkled throughout the property tests traditional properties just as Warhol did. The juxtaposition was refreshing, emphasizing repetition, color, and shapes, giving a nod to Warhol's works.

Along with the garden installations, Marie Selby's on-site museum is showing six of Warhols paintings, a selection of his floral-inspired work, and archival photographs of the artists until June 30th.

Press play below to catch our Instagram Stories from our visit!