Artist Interview / Jeremy Berkley


Talk about the genre of art in which you work.

I work in the genre of pop culture inspired prints. It's often mocked as "fan art", but with the help of Gallery1988, the leader of pop culture themed gallery shows, I have been able to work with some amazing film and TV properties in a officially licensed capacity. Some of my more high profile gallery shows I have been apart of include Bob's Burgers, Rick & Morty, The Archies and BoJack Horseman, just to name a few. I think the pop culture genre is important because it's an unintimidating entry point to a 18-30 year old who is buying art for first time. Hopefully, that will be a gateway drug for them to explore different types of art in the future.

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Has technology affected your life as an artist?

Yes, when I first was introduced to silk screen printmaking I had to cut out all my stencils by hand with a x-acto knife, it was very tedious work. I later learned how to do my color separations with a computer, it was much easier and opened up so many more creative possibilities. 

How do you begin formulating an idea for a new piece?

Being a pop culture artist it's really important to do your research on whatever topic you're working on. Pop culture fans are obsessive, so you need to be accurate on all the nerdy details. Otherwise, you're going to get called out on it.  

Do you collect anything other than art?

This might fall under art, but there is this clothing label GPPR by fashion designer Bam Barcena I collect. If I designed my own clothing label it would look a lot like GPPR, playful chic. The company unfortunately went on hiatus a few years ago. The pieces are getting harder to find, but I enjoy hunting them down. 

Do you listen to anything while working in your studio? If so, what?

Yes, I'm usually listening to music or podcasts. Currently listening to:


  • Eliot Sumner - Information  (Fun Fact: It's Sting's daughter)
  • Wolf Alice - My Love Is Cool
  • Kesha - Rainbow


  • Adventures In Design - podcast about art, design, illustration
  • CHIUSTREAM - podcast about art and life as an artist, geared towards illustration, animation, gaming
  • Get Up On This - A show introducing new music, artists, tv show, apps etc. before they hit big.

How would you define the role social media plays in art?

Social media has really leveled the playing field. It's never been easier to find and build your audience. If you have a little marketing savvy and put out good consistent work you can build a little empire without the help of art dealers, agents or galleries. DIY has never been more alive.

What has been your favorite gallery show to attend?

My most memorable gallery show was my first trip to Los Angeles for my first group show with Gallery1988. The show was an official tribute to the cult classic movie "Wet Hot American Summer". The director, David Wain and a lot of the cast showed up for the opening, that help draw a pretty big crowd. It really opened my eyes on how big the pop culture market was becoming.

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