February Book Review


As my new year resolution always goes, in 2018 I vowed to read more books and spend fewer evenings in front of the TV. (It's a great excuse for new bedside lamps, fresh sheets, and an upgraded duvet.) Here's what I've read so far this year:

collecture a gentleman in moscow  book review

A Gentleman in Moscow

Pick this us if you are fascinated with the grandeur of early 20th century boutique hotels, fine dining, etiquette, and historical narratives. The characters are colorful, each with their own intriguing nuances, and the writing is excessive in a charming way. An NPR book review of A Gentleman in Moscow says it best, "Towles never lets anyone merely say goodbye when they could bid adieu, never puts a period where an exclamation point or dramatic ellipsis could stand". I found this to be a very enjoyable read and have been suggesting it to anyone who asks for a book recommendation.

Milk and Honey

I kept Milk and Honey on my nightstand and read a handful of pages at a time. It's intentionally written, self-empowering, instagrammable, and I think I'll visit it fairly regularly in the future. Not to mention it looks nice on a bookshelf! Rupi Kaur's brave and honest voice will make you want to grab two copies of this one – it makes a great gift.

Waiting their turn in a stack on my nightstand are Big Magic and Widow Clicquot – both of which I have started but have yet to finish. I'll report back soon with my March reads!