Collecture x Allison Walsh Collection Celebration


Last week we celebrated the Collecture x Allison Walsh Collection by bringing together some incredible talent to produce an evening centered around the body and movement – the basis for a lot of Allison's original artwork. It was a fantastic night! If you missed it, keep scrolling for a photo recap.

We started the evening at Soulside Healing Arts with a gentle and restorative yoga flow let by Soulside's Founder, Hannah Ramlo. Staring at Allison's paintings during this class has been my favorite way to practice yoga, yet. If you look closely, you'll spy a custom yoga bolster with fabric from this collection. It's one of a kind!

collecture soulside healing arts yoga

Once we were all feeling zen, Joe Zich from Easy Going Plant Based served-up raw, plant-based bites inspired by Allison's artwork. They tasted as amazing as they looked! Joe is one of the most intentional people I've met when it comes to their craft, and it made collaborating easy. If you let artists do their thing, the result will likely be better than you can imagine.

collecture joe zich easy going plant based party
collecture joe zich easy going plant based party

Textiles were displayed, drinks were served, and people showed-up to experience art on a Tuesday.

I encourage you to collaborate. Give creatives the space to explore around a central idea and magic happens.

collecture allison walsh art party
IMG_3140 2.jpg
collecture art party soulside allison walsh
collecture art party soulside healing arts