Art Shouldn't be an Afterthought


Art can immediately evoke emotion, conversation, culture, and ideas. In our opinion, something so powerful shouldn't be considered only if there is enough room left at the end of a budget; it should be meaningfully incorporated from the start.

Art isn't the icing on the cake - it's the cake itself.

We believe the best way to support the arts is to buy art, but we understand originals are an investment. Visit university galleries to get to know art students, read this book if you're interested in the world of art collecting, and gallery-hop on First Friday (or your city's version of it) to get your feet wet. We encourage supporting your local art scene, but if you prefer to discover online, Tappan is an excellent source for originals and exclusive limited edition prints from emerging artists.

We highlight all of the artists we work with on Instagram - follow along to see what we're collecting for ourselves and our clients!

Photography: Maris Mednis / Art on Left: Bethany Mabee / Art on Right: Alec DeJesus