Collecture x Allison Walsh

Collecture Allison Walsh Collection

Our Spring collection is here! We are thrilled to release three new patterns in collaboration with artist Allison Walsh. Created directly from her original pieces, the patterns in this collection continue her exploration of sensation of the body, and bring it back to the tactile realm. In Allison's words:

Sensation of the body is fluid like a flow of endless water. It glides past our intellectual concepts, washes away the subject/object split, and blurs the line of separation between our internal bodies and the external world. Sensation combats isolation and brings vitality to our bodies.

The painted canvas greets this unsayable realm with radiant color and viscerality. I paint how sensation remains tight to the body. I paint how sensation expands and electrifies an entire space with glowing light. My paintings evoke these peaceful, sublime, and erotic feelings.

Sensation is meant to be seen.

The Spring 2018 Collaboration with Collecture brings the paintings back into the tactile realm. As textiles, these objects are not only a reflection on sensation, but they create their own unique sensations.

collecture artist allison walsh throw pillow
collecture artist allison walsh spring collection