We believe your home should be a place where experiences come to life so they can be shared with others. Where culture and ideas spread, with spaces to gather and linger, and where mementos from past adventures act as a collection of conversation starters. Our brand reflects the elevated lifestyle for which we design - one of intention and taste. Collecture is the set of layers that reflect your life. Collecture is a story, shared. Collecture is the feeling you get after two glasses of wine or skipping town on a Friday afternoon.


Gather + Linger

Your home is the greatest social media platform, shared with friends over a morning cup of coffee, and late into the night after the last of the wine has been poured. Collecture™ creates environments made for gathering and lingering.

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Interior Designer / Owner

Abby Gettys established her design firm in 2014. The Collecture™ team is based in Peoria, IL, and designs interiors that feel lived-in and collected.


Original Art

The best way to support the arts is to buy art. We work with local artists to add to our client's collections or help start their personal galleries.

Found Objects + Heirlooms

Whether it's a set of glassware found at the local flea, or your grandmother's china, collections are for displaying - and if functional, using. These pieces have a history all their own and we believe in adding to their stories.