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Abby Gettys

Abby Gettys established her interior design firm in 2014. Procuring original art for her clients' homes reinforced her belief in the philosophy that the best way to support the arts is to buy art. Collecture was founded in an effort to advocate for artists and emphasize the importance of original art in interior design.


We believe your home should be a place where art acts as a collection of conversation starters.

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Originally Published in Art & Society, written by Beth Weimer

When Abby Gettys and her husband Randon decided to only purchase original works of art a few years ago, neither of them realized how impactful that intention would be. With the recent launch of Collecture’s second product line, The Collecture x Allison Walsh Collection, Gettys’ passion for art is not only building a brand—it’s altering her career, as well as those of the artists with whom she works.

The initial concept for the company evolved from Gettys' desire to support artists in a meaningful way while promoting the value of intentionally integrating art into the home. After establishing her own interior design firm several years ago, she noticed a disproportionate amount of mass-produced art in some of her clients’ homes and began encouraging them to purchase original artwork from local artists instead. Moving beyond interior design to focus on producing functional art objects, her entrepreneurial vision started to come together in January of 2017.

As she explored possible names by combining words, she came up with “collecture.” A quick search revealed a Latin root for the word, meaning to collect or acquire with intention—which aligned with her concept perfectly. “The intention is what sums it up so well for me,” Gettys explains. “I’m not just collecting…” By collaborating with artists through Collecture, she intends to provide them with exposure and a new medium of expression, while offering consumers an innovative and accessible way to bring original art into their homes.