I researched queer and black identity in the U.K. and became fixated on the architecture and flora. This parallel of a rigid building material with soft bright colors surrounding it stuck out in my mind, pairing softness with rigidity. My artwork for Collecture reflects that contrast of brick and floral while exploring ideas of softness and femininity in a society that does not always embrace these facets of ones identity.   – Alexander Martin

Alexander Martin Collection Swatch Set

Alexander Martin Collection Swatch Set


Looking for a bit of inspiration? Tack these up in your workspace, line a notebook, add a frame, cover buttons, decorate your kid's dollhouse... the options are endless. 

Swatch sets are currently in-stock!

Each swatch set includes three 8.5"x8.5" swatches:
(1) Their Garden
(1) Soaked Pavement
(1) Soft View

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